Intrebari despre Viitorul Web-ului

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Astea ar fi intrebarile cele mai votate pentru o conferinta despre viitorul web-ului

  • Semantic Web a dream?
  • Is net neutrality essential for democracy?
  • Can you imagine the future of the world (wide Web) without the Semantic Web? What would such a world (wide Web) look like?
  • Multi-lingual Internet--Fracturing or Blossoming?
  • What controls should be in place on the Web, if any?
  • How do we make sense of the proliferation of data from the ever growing number of User's social activity feeds?
  • Can the web help us solve the world hunger problem?
  • How can we make ourselves less vulnerable to "web failure"?

Readers of the ReadWriteWeb

As mai adauga si eu citeva de la mine:

  • Retelele sociale: incotro? Si cit de mult(e)? Si cine e proprietarul datelor?
  • Care este trend-ul signal-vs-noise pe web?
  • Se va muta continutul spre rich media sau va ramine majoritar text?